The twoLevelMTTD_stack implements the twoLevelMTTD algorithm developed by Tinne De Laet. Further information are avaiable on twoLevelMTTD web page and PhD Thesis



This stack could be used in different context. The twoLevelMTTD has been used on the PR2 in order to detect people inside an unknown environment and following a desidered target, identified by a visual marker. Demostrative movies could be found at the following link


If you're using twoLevelMTTD_stack and if you would like to add a reference for your paper, feel free to use the following reference

@PhDThesis{ DeLaetPhD,
        author = "Tinne {De Laet}",
        title = "Rigorously Bayesian Multitarget Tracking and Localization",
        school = MECHKUL,
        year = "2010",
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        keywords = "MTTL, Bayesian networks, multitarget tracking"

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