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Fine tuning of the tracking parameters

Description: Modifying offline and online the tracking parameters.

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE

Parameters description

The most important parameters for the tracking are the moving edge parameters. Moving edges are points along the object lines which are detected during the tracking and use to update the object pose.

They have a great influence on the tracking quality and on the CPU load induced by the tracking.

Different parameters can be tuned, their effect is documented in the associated message visp_tracker/MovingEdge.

Offline modification

You can start the tracking with specific parameters by typing the following command while the client is running:

   1 rosrun dynamic_reconfigure dynparam load /tracker_mbt_client my-parameters.yaml

Online modification

When the tracking is started, you can modify the parameters by typing:

   1 rosrun dynamic_reconfigure dynparam load /tracker_mbt my-parameters.yaml

Or by using the graphical interface:

   1 rosrun dynamic_reconfigure reconfigure_gui /tracker_mbt

Tracker node reconfigure GUI

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