1.2.1 (Future)

  • ogre_tools

    • MovableText: Fixed width calculation when newlines were involved (<<Ticket(ros-pkg,4320)>>, r31517)

1.2.0 (2010-7-23)

  • visualization_msgs/Marker

    • New types
      • TRIANGLE_LIST uses existing members to show arbitrary "triangle soup", with each three points generating a triangle.
      • MESH_RESOURCE uses the new mesh_resource member to load a mesh from a URI

      • TEXT_VIEW_FACING uses the new text member to display text in 3d space

    • New colors member allows per-point/cube/line/triangle color

    • New frame_locked member for messages which should be retransformed before each render

  • wxOgreRenderWindow can now be reparented on X11 without crashing

  • ogre has been upgraded to 1.7.1

  • Added fedora support to the rosdep.yaml file

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