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Loading a pre-computed trajectory

Description: How to use the generator node to load a stored trajectory.

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

This tutorial does not explain how to generate motion.

This tutorials aims at displaying pre-computed motion. There is no pattern generator algorithm in this package. See the other packages of this stack such as halfsteps_pattern_generator if you need to generate trajectories.

This tutorial explains how to use the generator node to load a precomputed trajectory.

Available trajectories

The following precomputed trajectories are available:

Download them and place it into any folder of your filesystem.

Displaying a precomputed trajectory

Then, execute the following commands:

   1 # Start roscore if needed:
   2 roscore
   4 # Load the trajectories. Make sure that you change the path
   5 # to match the trajectories location on your computer:
   6 rosrun walk_msgs generator _yaml:=/path/to/short_walk.yaml 
   8 # Launch rviz
   9 # This package provides a default configuration file to setup
  10 # the display in rviz.
  11 rosrun rviz rviz `rospack find walk_msgs`/walking_trajectories.vcg

After running the last command, rviz will start and display the computed trajectories.

Short walk pre-computed movement displayed in RViz

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