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Starts the Webots simulator using a system() call, so Webots can be run directly from a roslaunch file.
The Webots world file is specified as an argument in the launch file.

Tested with Webots 6.4.4 and ROS Fuerte.


Follow these instructions to install the kaist_webots stack.


To test the node, run:

$ roslaunch webots_run test_world.launch 

This will start the Webots simulator, which should look something like this:


This is just an empty world with no controller specified. If the graphics quality is poor, then you may need to enable your 3D graphics card. See the stack installation instructions for more information.

To use ROS with your own Webots model, you need to create a new package e.g. myrobot_sim_webots containing the Webots .wbt world file and a controller. The launch file loads the webots_run node with the world file specified as an argument.

For more information and examples, see the webots_joy_demo and webots_controllers packages.

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