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lse_communication: wifi_comm

Package Summary

Multi robot communication library and discovery node. Needs foreign_relay and olsrd to work.


WifiComm allows multi-robot peer-2-peer style communication. The discovery node works together with olsrd to publish information related to available neighbors. A library is also available to allow for easy opening and closing of foreign_relays, the method by which local topics are published on a foreign roscore, thus providing the communication channel.


You can download olsrd-0.6.0 from



wifi_discovery_node uses olsrd to watch for neighbor robots.

Published Topics

wifi_neighbours_list (wifi_comm/WiFiNeighboursList)
  • List of neighbors on the network provided by olsrd.


/wifi_discovery_node/frequency (int, default: 1)
  • The update frequency of the neighbors list.


  1. Download and install wifi_comm

    This tutorial will guide you through the process if downloading and installing wifi_comm as well as olsrd.

  2. How to run wifi_comm

    This tutorial guides you through the process of running wifi_comm.

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