This is for people who want to:

  • Develop relatively simple libraries/apps within the visual studio ide.

If you want to develop with msvc in the usual ros framework (which gives you access at automatic dependency handling, msg/srv generation etc), you should use the Msvc Build Environment directly.


Python packages:

The sdk:

This includes rosdeps (boost, log4cxx, ...), officially ported ros stacks and a visual studio tutorial solution. If you extract to custom locations, then you will need to update environment variables in setup.bat (in the sdk zip) accordingly after extraction.

Optional utilities:

  • MSysGit 1.7.9 - select 'Run git and unix tools from windows command prompt'

MSysGit has alot of the msys environment command line tools.


It is both a development sdk and runtime environment. To quickly test that it is in good order, open up three terminals (Console 2 is a good one).

> call C:\opt\ros\fuerte\x86\env.bat
> roscore

> call C:\opt\ros\fuerte\x86\env.bat
> roslaunch msvc_runtime talker.launch

> call C:\opt\ros\fuerte\x86\env.bat
> roslaunch msvc_runtime listener.launch


For information on how to develop with the sdk, proceed to the next tutorial Msvc SDK Projects.

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