The rosinstall installation is based around a 32 bit version of python (x86). This must be the case even for win64 as many python modules do not yet have 64 bit versions. Note - this is not a big issue, so don't worry.



  • Add C:\Python27\ and C:\Python27\Scripts to your PATH variable if not already present.


Options are identical to that for rosinstall. An example for rosinstall usage (one line):

> rosinstall C:\opt\catkin

And for rosws usage:

> rosws init --catkin src
> cd src
> rosws set catkin --git
> rosws set genmsg --git git://
> rosws set gencpp --git git://
> rosws set genpy --git git://
> rosws update catkin
> rosws update genmsg
> rosws update gencpp
> rosws update genpy

For more detailed usage notes, refer to rosinstall's documentation.

Differences to RosInstall

  • Adds a function which automatically sets up a windows setup.bat script.

  • Scripts other than rosinstall/rosws, notably rosco and roslocate are not yet included.

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