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Current Status

  • Dave: Shared multiple robot poses and tell where to go via C++ ( RIDE 2 package)
    • Multi-robot not quit there (issues with TF)
    • Possibly use throttled TF
    • Can ignore TF for now
  • Old RIDE is till working


  • Simple example application with one robot.
    • Two robot demo
    • turtle bots
  • Show and tell at Stanford (Apr. 13)
    • Part of National robotics week
    • Preview the robogames demos
  • Robogames (Apr 15-17)
    • Follow me app
    • Joystick app
    • App interface needs to be robust
    • RIDE interface
    • Simulation + RVIZ
  • Google IO (May 10 -11)
    • Pano-app. Demo computation and storage.
    • Generate sketch up models, show in gazebo and print.
  • Maker Fair (May 20th)
    • thing-o-matic + turtlebot. Use turtle bot as turntable

Action List

  • Boostrap process
    • Turn on robot and tie it to the building manager + warehouse
    • Determine our network configuration for the upcoming demos
  • Launch app
    • Follow me app
  • Switch between apps
    • Joystick teleop, and pano, build-a-map
  • RIDE app
    • command one turtlebot

Ken: Work on launching apps Tully: Develop launch files for joystick teleop, follow me, and build-a-map Bhaskara + Nate: Support warehouse Bill: RIDE integration (as an app) Dave: Android app selector for selecting robot app Gil: Open to help

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