Building Manager/March 7, 2011


  • Ken: minor help with Turtlebot documentation. Diamondback released.
  • Bhaskara/Nate: warehouse 0.1 released.
  • Nate: other things
  • Melonee/Tully: first production turtlebots!

This week

  • Tully: turtlebots will be available for shared use this week. Need help running through tutorials.
  • Nate/Bhaskara: need to find collaborators for warehouse
  • Melonee/Bill: away
  • Ken: release multimaster-experimental so we can have rosinstall file for turtlebot. Away Wednesday-Sunday at PyCon

  • Gil: get app manager inside of turtlebot bringup, maybe restructure pano app


Need to thing about unrolling tf with "tf snapshots" in order to facilitate more seamless usage with mongodb.

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