Package Summary

This package is used to convert between ROS messages and IVT images

Package Summary

This package is used to convert between ROS messages and IVT images



This package contains a library which is used to convert image data structures between ROS and IVT.



The structure of this library is based on the cv_bridge-package, for more information you can check out the documentation for that.


Needed packages

ROS Nodes


As this package only contains a library there are no subscribed/published topics or services.


Include ivt_image.h and/or ivt_calibration.h to your code, depending on what you want to convert (images or camera calibrations).

Convert an image

To convert a sensor_msgs::Image to a CByteImage of the IVT-library call one of the following functions (notice that the toIvtCopy-functions create a copy of the input messages while the other ones try to share the data if possible):

IvtImagePtr toIvtCopy(const sensor_msgs::ImageConstPtr& source, const std::string& encoding = std::string());
IvtImagePtr toIvtCopy(const sensor_msgs::Image& source, const std::string& encoding = std::string());


IvtImageConstPtr toIvtShare(const sensor_msgs::ImageConstPtr& source, const std::string& encoding = std::string());
IvtImageConstPtr toIvtShare(const sensor_msgs::Image& source, const boost::shared_ptr<void const>& tracked_object, const std::string& encoding = std::string());

The return-value is a IvtImagePtr-object, which contains a CByteImage* member called image.

To convert such an IvtImage back to ROS call one of the following member functions:

sensor_msgs::ImagePtr toImageMsg() const;
void toImageMsg(sensor_msgs::Image& ros_image) const;

Convert camera calibration messages:

To convert a ROS sensor_msgs::CameraInfo to an IVT CCalibration instantiate either an IvtCalibration or an IvtStereoCalibration object (depends on your camera system: mono or stereo). Then call one of the provided member functions with the ROS-CameraInfo-message you want to convert (for a stereo system you have to provide messages of both cameras of course):

bool fromCameraInfo(const sensor_msgs::CameraInfo& msg);
bool fromCameraInfo(const sensor_msgs::CameraInfoConstPtr& msg);

in case of a mono camera system and

bool fromCameraInfo(const sensor_msgs::CameraInfo& left, const sensor_msgs::CameraInfo& right);
bool fromCameraInfo(const sensor_msgs::CameraInfoConstPtr& left, const sensor_msgs::CameraInfoConstPtr& right);

in case of a stereo one.

The converted message can be obtained with the provided getter-functions (depends again on your used camera system):

boost::shared_ptr<CCalibration> getCalibration(bool forRectifiedImages=false) const;
boost::shared_ptr<CStereoCalibration> getStereoCalibration(bool forRectifiedImages=false) const;

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