Recording the battery data

roslaunch cob_voltage_control record_voltage.launch robot:=robot_name file:=csv_filename

e.g: robot:=cob3-6 , file:=cob3-6.csv

Updating the battery parameters

roslaunch cob_voltage_control csv_processing.launch robot:=robot_name file:=csv_filename mode:=mode_name

e.g: robot:=cob3-6 , file:=cob3-6.csv

There are two modes currently available:

  • initial: This should be used when no battery update was done for that specific robot.
  • update: This should be used when updating the parameters. It is also the default value.

Launching the voltage filter separately

roslaunch cob_bringup voltage_filter.launch robot:=robot_name

e.g: robot:=cob3-6

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