API review

Reviewer: Jeremy

1. The API is simple and seems clear. However, stereo_view API is not listed. My expectation would be for this to parallel the image_view API in an appropriate way.

2. The terminology all seems appropriate.

3. Organization is appropriate.

4. The topics and channels all seem necessary.

5. There is potential to add more functionality down the line, but this seems like a appropriate light-weight starting point.


  • More of a Doc Review issue but the mainpage when following the Code API link to the Doxygen appears to be out of date and does not make mention of the image transport.
  • The node name on the wiki page is listed as "image_proc." I'm guessing this is a copy-paste error, but just want to make sure I'm not missing something.

As soon as the stereo_view API description is added, I'd say this package is good to go.

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