API review

Proposer: Blaise

Present at review:

  • Leila
  • Ethan
  • Jeremy
  • Josh
  • Patrick

Question / concerns / comments

Enter your thoughts on the API and any questions / concerns you have here. Please sign your name. Anything you want to address in the API review should be marked down here before the start of the meeting.

  • Ethan
    • How hard would it be to expose a little more debugging information (such as what sound device it's trying to use)? Hardy seems to have some bugs related to Pulse audio and on my machine (which has issues with sound not infrequently) I can't get any sound out of "rosrun sound_play test.py". I'd imagine this is an issue with my system specifically, but given that Hardy is a common platform for us this may not be such an exceptional situation.
  • Josh
    • No documentation on the code API makes it hard to review
    • SoundHandle doesn't seem to be a handle to a sound, rather it manages any number of sounds?

    • Given the current API, is this correct usage?

SoundHandle sh;

I would prefer something like:

SoundHandle sh = play_sound::say("blah");

sh = play_sound::play(1);
  • Can multiple sounds be played at the same time? What will this do:


Meeting agenda

To be filled out by proposer based on comments gathered during API review period


  • /!\ SoundHandle becomes SoundClient

  • /!\ SoundClass

  • Volume some day
  • Action API maybe some day
  • /!\ Change byte into int8 in message definition

  • Diagnostics (close sound device when not in use to check that it still works?)

Package status change mark change manifest)

  • Playing URLs.
  • Ticket Josh and Jeremy when bugs are fixed.

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