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Package Summary

The tuw_marker_server package contains a map server for saving and providing marker maps based on MarkerWithCovarianceArray messages from the marker_msgs package.



This Python ROS node saves marker maps to disk using YAML files. A marker map consists of several marker poses augmented with their uncertainty indicated by covariance matrices. Additionally each marker offers multiple possible IDs and their probabilities.


rosrun tuw_marker_server tuw_marker_saver.py

Subscribed Topics

map (marker_msgs/MarkerWithCovarianceArray)
  • Explored markers will be retrieved via this latched topic.


mapfile (string, default: "map.yaml")
  • YAML file to store the received marker map.


roslaunch tuw_marker_server saver.launch


tuw_marker_server reads a YAML file including a marker map from disk and periodically publishes it. The provided map is composed of the found marker poses with their covariance matrices and the markers' possible IDs supplemented with their probabilities.


rosrun tuw_marker_server tuw_marker_server.py

Published Topics

map (marker_msgs/MarkerWithCovarianceArray)
  • Receive the marker map via this latched topic.


mapfile (string)
  • YAML file containing the marker map.
frame_id (string, default: "map")
  • Name of frame inserted into the header of published map.


roslaunch tuw_marker_server server.launch

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