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Testing the TIAGo Base simulation

Description: A brief summary of commands to install the required packages for PMB-2 simulation

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Author: Sai Kishor Kothakota < sai.kishor@pal-robotics.com >

Maintainer: Jordi Pages < jordi.pages@pal-robotics.com >

Source: https://github.com/pal-robotics/pmb2_tutorials.git


Make sure that all ROS repositories specified in the previous tutorial have been installed or that the proper docker is used docker install tutorial.

Launching a Gazebo simulation

First of all open a console and source the workspace:

  • source ./devel/setup.bash

To launch the simulation of the TIAGo Base, execute:

  • roslaunch pmb2_gazebo pmb2_gazebo.launch public_sim:=true

With the simulation of TIAGo Base we are providing several pre-defined worlds which stress different aspects of navigation systems. You can find a list of these here.

Now let's launch the TIAGo Base simulation in a large corridor as follows:

  • roslaunch pmb2_gazebo pmb2_gazebo.launch public_sim:=true world:=large_corridor

The simulated TIAGo Base can provide the laser scan and sonar readings as depicted below. pmb2_gazebo_rviz.png

Nvidia compatibility issues

If you encounter any issues when trying to run gazebo inside the rocker verify that your drivers are up to date and that your PC configuration includes either nvidia GPU or Intel CPU

If you are facing this issue on a laptop, run  nvdia-settings  and go in the PRIME Profiles section


If you launched the rocker with nvidia support choose the NVIDIA (Performance Mode)

If you launched the rocker with intel support choose NVIDIA On-Demand (Default)

Restart the laptop and it should work

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