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Explore the Evarobot Gazebo Model

Description: Bringup the Evarobot Model and using sensors.

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Use evarobot_gazebo_emptyworld.launch file to run Evarobot Gazebo model

> roslaunch evarobot_simulation evarobot_gazebo_emptyworld.launch


Default Evarobot Gazebo model includes (ROS Noetic edition):

- Sonar Sensor x7
- Kinect Sensor x1
- Lidar Sensor x1

You can modify Evarobot Gazebo model using .urdf file in evarobot_description/urdf folder.

You can list topics after running Evarobot Gazebo model.

> rostopic list

To get information about topics of the model,

> rostopic info /<topic_ismi>

In order to visualise sensors, tf etc. of the Evarobot in Gazebo, you can use rviz.

> roslaunch evarobot_simulation evarobot_rviz_standalone.launch (Solo-Run)
> roslaunch evarobot_simulation evarobot_rviz.launch (with Gazebo run)


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