1. About Evarobot

    Specifications of the Evarobot.

  2. Evarobot Habitats

    Various usage scenarios for the Evarobot.


  1. PC Installation

    Installing the Evarobot ROS Noetic software for your monitoring workstation PC.


  1. Explore the Evarobot Gazebo Model

    Bringup the Evarobot Model and using sensors.

  1. Keyboard Teleop

    Keyboard teleoperation of the Evarobot.

  2. Slam Map Building with Evarobot.

    How to generate a map using SLAM.

  3. Autonomous Navigation of a Known Map with Evarobot

    How to navigate autonomously the Evarobot with known map.

Evarobot ROS Noetic Library Overview

ROS package



It is the sub-package containing urdf and mesh files of the Evarobot.


It is a sub-package containing the package and launch files required for the simulation of the Evarobot.


It is a sub-package containing the slam_gmapping launch files.


It is a sub-package containing the navigation launch and config files.

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