Only released in EOL distros:  

Cart local planner provides a single ros plugin, cart_local_planner, that implements the base_local_planner interface expected by move_base. It simply tries to follow the given base path exactly. It also provides an additional interface for controlling the cart.

Advertised topics

articulate_cart_server/command_twist (geometry_msgs/TwistStamped)

  • Commanded twist for the cart reference point

Subscribed topics

/move_base_node/SBPLCartPlanner/sbcl_robot_cart_plan (cart_pushing_msgs/RobotCartPath)

  • The planner is expected to publish the full plan (with both base and cart poses) on this topic. When the plugin receives a global plan from move_base, it is compared with the recent plans on this topic to find the corresponding one, and the arm positions are looked up from there.

TF frames needed


  • The base pose


  • The pose of the cart reference point

Main ROS parameters


  • Max velocities for the base and cart


  • Gains for the cart and base velocities


  • Cart dimensions


  • The offset of the reference point of the cart from the corner

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