Only released in EOL distros:  

Supported Hardware

This package can be used when your CoroBot has any of the optional arm. It provides some launch files for each possible arm to launch all the necessary nodes and configuration, as it is different for every arm. If you want to teleoperate the robot the only thing you need to do is select the arm you have in the corobot_ros_gui.launch file in the corobot_teleop package.



corobot_arm is a driver for arm movements. This driver was designed to control the movement of a Corobot's arm.

Subscribed Topics

armPosition (corobot_msgs/MoveArm)
  • command to move a servo of the arm

Published Topics

setPositionServo (corobot_msgs/ServoPosition)
  • give an order of angle position for a specific servo motor.
phidgetServo_setType (corobot_msgs/ServoType)
  • Give the type of servo motor for a specific servo connected to the Phidget.


dynamixels (XmlRpcValue, default: 0)
  • Configuration of all the servos of the arm. Given in yalm file
controller_type (String, default: 0)
  • type of servo controller board: arbotix, ssc32 or phidget. Given in yalm file.

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