Supported Hardware

This driver should works with every pan tilt camera



corobot_pantilt is a driver for pantilt cameras. This driver was designed to control the movement of a Corobot pantilt camera.

Subscribed Topics

pantilt (corobot_msgs/PanTilt)
  • Pan and Tilt command


device (string, default: /dev/video0)
  • path to the camera
script_path (string, default:
  • path to an initialization script necessary for the pantilt to work


Here is a set of instructions in case you cannot control your pan tilt camera:

  1. Install v4l-conf and unvcdynctrl

sudo apt-get install v4l-conf unvcdynctrl
  1. Execute:

v4l-info /dev/video0
uvcdynctrl –cv
sudo chmod 777 /dev/video0
  1. Disconnect the camera
  2. Reconnect it to another usb port
  3. The camera movement should now work

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