Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the previous tutorials: Camera Frames, Calibration Patterns.
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Performing a Workspace Calibration

Description: This tutorial shows how a workspace calibration can be performed with the Ensenso camera node.

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE

With a workspace calibration you can change the coordinate system of the point clouds returned by the camera (that is, change how the observed point clouds are related to the camera frame, see the overview on frames and transformations that the camera node uses).

Such a workspace calibration is performed using the calibrate_workspace action (ensenso_camera_msgs/CalibrateWorkspace). It expects that the camera currently sees a single calibration pattern. It then adapts the camera link so that this pattern ends up at an arbitrary pose that is given in the action goal.

The set_origin script automatically does this for the special case that the calibration patterns lies at the origin. After executing

$ rosrun ensenso_camera set_origin

the origin of all future point clouds will be at the position of the observed calibration pattern.

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