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This package provides a method to detect the dominant 3D plane in a scene in real time. It is based on RANSAC and uses disparity images as input. It is an extracted submodule from the package active_realtime_segmentation in which it was used for detecting the dominant table plane. However, any plane orientation is possible to detect.

Starting the Fast Plane Detector

For detecting the table plane in a disparity image start the following launch file:

roslaunch fast_plane_detection fast_plane_detection_jean.launch

which starts a table plane detection node that subscribes to the topic /narrow_stereo_textured/disparity.

For detecting the local plane in a region around a specific pixel position, run the following node:

rosrun fast_plane_detection fast_region_plane_detector_jean disparity_in:=/plane_detection/disparity disparity_image_topic:=/narrow_stereo_textured/disparity cam_info_in:=/narrow_stereo_textured/left/camera_info

where the remapped topics are the output from the node run by the previous launch file.

Example Results

Here are some example results for planes extracted from the following disparity map in real time.


This is the disparity map in which the detected table plane is filtered out.


This is the disparity map in which a local plane is detected.


The table plane and the local plane detected can be visualised in Rviz.


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