This package simulates an industrial robot controller that adheres to the ROS-Industrial driver specification. Currently the simulator only supports the minimum requirements. The purpose of this node is to provide a simulated robot controller for development. This simulator publishes standard topics that can be fed into Rviz to create a realistic visualization of an actual robot cell. Note that the simulation is at the ROS API level, the node does not accept Simple Message TCP/UDP connections.


The industrial robot simulator package contains a convenience launch file for bringing up typical low level nodes (sometimes called bringup scripts). These nodes include the simulator and a controlling action server. In typical applications the action server receives trajectories from a higher level planner (not included in this launch file).

Standalone execution is through roslaunch:

roslaunch industrial_robot_simulator robot_interface_simulator.launch 

Node API


Simulates an industrial robot controller as defined in ROS-Industrial.

Subscribed Topics

joint_path_command (trajectory_msgs/JointTrajectory)
  • Commanded joint trajectories.

Published Topics

joint_states (sensor_msgs/JointState)
  • Joint State for each non-fixed joint in the robot.
feedback_states (control_msgs/FollowJointTrajectoryFeedback)
  • Feedback information (errors) for each non-fixed joint state.


controller_joint_names (str[], default: ['joint_1', ..., 'joint_6'])
  • Joint controller names (for more info see here).
initial_joint_state (double[], default: [0, ..., 0])
  • Initial state of all (revolute) joints. Units: rad.
motion_update_rate (double, default: 100.0)
  • Internal update rate of the motion interpolator. If 0, node will not interpolate between trajectory points. Units: Hz.
pub_rate (double, default: 10.0)
  • Publish rate for state publisher(s). Units: Hz.

Contact us/Technical support

For questions about this package or ROS-Industrial in general, please contact the developers by posting a message in the ROS-Industrial category on ROS Discourse.

Reporting bugs

Use GitHub to report bugs or submit feature requests. [View active issues]

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