Package Organization

This package contains robot description and configuration files for Maxwell, organized into subdirectories as follows:

  • urdf/ contains (xacro representations of) urdf descriptions of various parts of the Maxwell (arm, head, etc.), and the full robot.

  • meshes/ contains mesh files (.stl) for visualization and collision properties

  • params/ contains yaml specification files for the ArbotiX driver and diagnostics.

  • launch/ contains roslaunch files for starting up Maxwell, on real hardware, or in simulation.

  • nodes/ contains several python-based nodes, which currently have no home.

Starting Up Maxwell

To start Maxwell, use one of the following launch files:

  • bringup_maxwell.launch connects to real hardware.

  • head_camera.launch starts the Asus Xtion on Maxwell.

  • fake_maxwell.launch starts a simulated version of the ArbotiX node. This can be useful for testing arm code.

Interacting with Maxwell

Moving the Base

The base uses a standard geometry_msgs/Twist message on the cmd_vel topic to set desired velocity.

Moving the Arm

See maxwell_arm_navigation and maxwell_interactive_markers.

Accessing Sensor Information

Sensor Data

Topic Name

base: position

/odom and /tf

camera: 2D color image


camera: 2D grayscale image


camera: 3D point cloud


joints: positions


Use of /camera/depth is not recommended as most of our demos will use the topics in the /camera/rgb namespace.

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