Multimaster FKIE Manual on GitHub

Multimaster ROS Systems - Technical Report by Sergi Hernandez Juan and Fernando Herrero Cotarelo


This package offers a set of nodes to establish and manage a multimaster network. This requires no or minimal configuration. The changes are automatically detected and synchronized.

  • The master_discovery node connects to the ROS-Master, gets changes by polling (1.) and publish the changes (multicast or/and unicast) over the network (2.). The received changes of the remote ROS-Master are published to the local ROS topics (3.). The master_sync node connects to the discovered master_discovery nodes (4.), requests the actual ROS state and registers the remote topics/service (5.). The node_manager simplifies launching and managing the ROS multi-master system. It also offers options for managing nodes, topics, services, parameters and launch files. Can also be used in a single ROS master system!cheatsheet (with thanks to Lorenz Halt!)


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