Description: A ridiculously simple program to have a robot follow the nearest skeleton

Submitted By: Garratt Gallagher

Keywords: follower, create


How to Reproduce Your Entry

Physical Setup

You need to have a Create with a Kinect and a laptop on top. Willow Garage has instructions for mounting the Kinect onto an iRobot Create. Too difficult, you say? You could always order one from the Bilibot project! Or you can use this program for any robot that is commanded by a geometry_msgs::Twist message.

Code to Checkout

  1. First you have to check out and compile the mit-ros-pkg repository. Please follow the MIT Kinect Demos General Installation instructions.

  2. You can then continue on that page to follow the instructions for installing the 'Robot Follower' Demo, which have been copied here for your convenience:

     rosmake skeletal_tracker

Running the Code

With the bilibot/ create-kinect-laptop combo fully plugged in:

  • roslaunch skeletal_tracker follower.launch

*For tips on how to use this demo effectively, see Robot Follower


  • ni
  • pcl
  • skeletal_tracker

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