Package Summary

A Linux ROS C++ Node that wraps the driver API for IDS vision cameras using IDS peak software. Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.



1. install ROS:

2. install IDS peak:

Running the code

0. Clone the repository to your Linux computer

1. Generate a ROS workspace

  • $ mkdir -p camera_ws/src/

1. Copy the peak_cam package into your ROS workspace and build it

  • $ cp -r peak_cam/ camera_ws/src/ $ cd camera_ws/ && catkin_make && source devel/setup.bash

2. Set parameters such as ROS topic and acquisition rate under launch/params/peak_cam_params.yaml

3. Plug the IDS vision camera and launch the node

  • $ roslaunch peak_cam peak_cam_node.launch

4. Stop the node with Ctrl-C (SIGINT) for controlled shutdown

For multiple cameras, create a .launch and a .yaml file for each camera.


Sometimes the cameras are only accesible as root. Try  sudo -s in your terminal and launch the node again to validate.

Maintainer: Sherif Nekkah

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