Getting started

In order to use the people tracker you must have installed a version of OpenNI/Nite that supports the load/save user calibration facility. Follow the instructions on cyphy_people_mapping to install the latest version of OpenNI for your distro.


Compiling People Tracker

You'll need to point the compiler at the location of OPEN_NI_UNSTABLE and OPEN_NITE_UNSTABLE on your system. Change the corresponding lines in the CMakeLists.txt file. eg

set(OPEN_NI_UNSTABLE "/home/your_name/kinect/openni/" CACHE STRING "Location of Unstable OpenNI")
set(OPEN_NITE_UNSTABLE "/home/your_name/kinect/nite/" CACHE STRING "Location of Unstable NITE")

Running the node

rosrun people_tracker tracker

Stand about 1-2 metres in front of the kinect so that it can see your whole body. There is no need to pose, the default calibration file is for a person 5'10" in height so as long as you are roughly this size you will be detected.

Node Description

Subscribed Topics

None. This node wraps the OpenNI skeleton tracker so communicates directly to the kinect.

Published Topics

robotsound (sound_play/SoundRequest)
  • Audio feedback when the robot tracks/loses users
cmd_vel (geometry_msgs/Twist)
  • Velocity commands to get the robot to follow currently tracked user
person_track (geometry_msgs/PointStamped)
  • xyz offset of the tracked person's torso from the base_link

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