pr2_dashboard_aggregator is the node that collects and republishes data that is commonly visualized by pr2_dashboard. This node is launched when bringing up a robot, e.g., in pr2_robot/pr2.launch. pr2_dashboard_aggregator also keeps track of which messages are "stale". For each message it subscribes to (and subsequently re-publishes), it maintains a "valid" flag which indicates if the data is "new enough" to be used.

Subscribed Topics

power_board/state (pr2_msgs/PowerBoardState)
  • The state of the PR2 power board
power_state (pr2_msgs/PowerState)
  • The state of the PR2 power system
ddwrt/accesspoint (pr2_msgs/AccessPoint)
  • The state of the PR2 wireless access point
pr2_etherCAT/motors_halted (std_msgs/Bool)
  • Whether the motors are halted

Published Topics

dashboard_agg (pr2_msgs/DashboardState)
  • Aggregated state information.

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