Note: Instructions for updating the firmware for WGE100 cameras on the PR2..
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Upgrading WGE100 Firmware on the PR2

Description: Updating and verifying the firmware for all WGE100 cameras on the PR2.

Tutorial Level: ADVANCED

Before Starting FW Update

The WGE100 Cameras on the PR2 can be programmed with firmware using the upload_mcs command. Read that page for more information about the upload_mcs command.

Updating FW

Updating the camera firmware on the PR2 requires five steps:

  • Make sure you have a recent version of the camera_drivers stack.

  • Stop all ROS programs on the PR2.
  • Upload the firmware
  • Run pr2-systemcheck

Versions of camera_drivers above 1.3.1 or above 1.2.7 (cturtle) should have WGE100 firmware with improved robustness and error checking. Check your version of camera_drivers with:

$ rosversion camera_drivers

Before the release of camera_drivers to cturtle and/or unstable, you will have to download "trunk" of the camera_drivers stack for this upgrade.

Stop ROS Programs

{X} If you don't stop all ROS programs before updating the camera firmware, your robot may not function properly.


sudo robot stop

to stop all software on the robot. This will shut down the wge100_camera nodes.

Check Firmware Version

The desired firmware version is:

HDL rev: 600 FW rev: 8C41

To check the firmware version in your camera_drivers stack, run:

$ cat `rospack find wge100_camera`/firmware_images/version.txt

Update Firmware

A single script will update the camera firmware on your PR2:

$ roscd wge100_camera/firmware_images
$ sudo bash
# ./

{X} Do not abort during the firmware update.

Run pr2-systemcheck

Check that the firmware has been updated, and that all cameras are present:

sudo pr2-systemcheck

Starting Software

After you restart your robot, the cameras should function as normal.

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