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2D Navigation Stack in Simulation

Description: Testing the PR2 2D navigation stack in simulation given an example world with 2 desks as obstacles.

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE

Running 2D Navigation Stack with Fake Localization

To run the 2DNav demo, do the following:

rosmake pr2_2dnav_gazebo rviz
roscd pr2_2dnav_gazebo
export ROBOT=sim
roslaunch pr2-simple-fake_localization.launch

A PR2 will spawn inside of a simple world (rospack find gazebo/launch/simple.launch) with fake localization and the complete 2D Navigation Stack. Please see Fake Locaization page for more details on generating synthetic localization messages in simulation.

Use the rviz application to visualize robot outputs, set goals using the interactive GUI.

rosmake pr2_navigation_global
roslaunch pr2_navigation_global rviz_move_base.launch

Running 2D Navigation Stack with AMCL

To start a PR2 without arms (named pr2_armless) in simulation with Adaptive Monte Carlo Localization.

rosmake pr2_2dnav_gazebo rviz
export ROBOT=sim
roslaunch pr2_2dnav_gazebo pr2-armless-simple-amcl.launch

Again, you can use rviz to visualize robot outputs, set goals using the interactive GUI.

roslaunch pr2_navigation_global rviz_move_base.launch

To see a simple graph of all the rosnodes,


To generate basic troubleshooting information,


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