First go through simulator_gazebo tutorials to learn the basics of using Gazebo.

Introductory Tutorials

  1. Starting PR2 in Simulation

    Starting PR2 in Simulation

  2. Working with Gazebo over ROS

    For the most part, working with Gazebo is the same as working with a robot.

  3. PR2 Simulator Workshop

    This tutorial explores basic PR2 interfaces while using the PR2 in simulation.

  4. Teleop PR2 arm in simulation

    This tutorial will give you keyboard teleop control of the PR2 arm

Advanced Topics

  1. Faking Sensor Info in Simulation

    fake_localization node usage is introduced. It provides transform between base_link frame and the map frame.

  2. Starting a Separate Sensor Generation Node

    Start up an image sensor generation node when the main simulation node is running headless.

  3. Debugging Gazebo plugins

    You can run gazebo with gdb to debug real time controllers and plugins.

Examples and Reference

  1. Teleop PR2 Mobile Base In Simulation

    Controlling PR2 base with keyboard and driving PR2 around in simulation.

  2. Building a Map in Simulation

    Given a simple office environment and PR2 in simulation, how to create a map using the OpenSLAM GMapping package.

  3. Using Custom Maps in Simulation

    How to use a custom map for 2D navigation in Gazebo simulator.

  4. PR2 Opens a Door

    Simulated environment for testing autonomous door opening in simulation.

  5. Multi-Level Map With Ramps

    An example environment with multiple floor levels and ramps.

  6. PR2 Plugs Itself In

    Simulate environment for testing autonomous PR2 plugging in.

  7. PR2 Pick and Place Demo

    PR2 Pick and Place Demo in Simulation Using the Grasping Pipeline

  8. Automated Regression Tests

    Running the Gazebo regression tests on your machine.

  9. PR2 Opens a Door

    Simulated environment for testing autonomous door opening in simulation.

  10. 2D Navigation Stack in Simulation

    Testing the PR2 2D navigation stack in simulation given an example world with 2 desks as obstacles.

  11. Pendulum Examples

    Simple pendulums examples.

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