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PR2 Pick and Place Demo

Description: PR2 Pick and Place Demo in Simulation Using the Grasping Pipeline

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE


For this tutorial, you need to install the 'pr2all' variant of ROS (see installation instructions). On Ubuntu, this means:

sudo apt-get install ros-cturtle-pr2all

And you will also need to check out an unreleased package with the following rosinstall file:

rosinstall ~/pr2_tabletop_manipulation_overlay /opt/ros/cturtle/ pr2_tabletop_manipulation_gazebo_demo.rosinstall


Now you should be able to compile it:

source ~/pr2_tabletop_manipulation_overlay/
rosmake pr2_tabletop_manipulation_gazebo_demo

Launching Demo

In this demo, we show the user how to grasp a simple object using the pick and place pipeline.

export ROBOT=sim

roslaunch pr2_tabletop_manipulation_gazebo_demo pr2_tabletop_manipulation_demo.launch

in a separate terminal

rosrun pr2_tabletop_manipulation_gazebo_demo

Watch the tabletop manipulation demo:

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