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Launch RSM Simulation

Description: How to launch the provided simulations demonstrating the Robot Statemachine.

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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To demonstrate the RSM and get used to it's controls, the RSM additions package offers two launch files that start a simulation including a complete robot and environment to start right away.

The first simulation uses the 3D Gazebo simulator which has to be installed before. Furthermore, it depends on the husky_simulator package which includes the robot to be simulated. The second simulation depends on the stdr_simulator package which is solely in 2D and offers a much less CPU-intensive alternative to Gazebo. If your machine is not very powerful or you just want to have a quick peek at what the RSM has to offer, stick with the stdr simulator. Screenshots from both simulations can be seen below, Gazebo first and stdr_simulator last, the simulation on the left and RViz on the right.


Both simulations use the plugins implemented in RSM additions which need the following packages to be installed:


When the above prerequisites are met, the simulations can be launched with the following commands including a pre-configured RViz display. If you do not want to start RViz, just leave out the rviz:=true.

For gazebo:

roslaunch rsm_additions simulation_gazebo.launch rviz:=true

For the stdr simulator:

roslaunch rsm_additions simulation_stdr.launch rviz:=true

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