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Description: Launch the Robot Statemachine for your robot

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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Launch-file Parameters

The RSM's core functionality is distributed over several nodes that can simply be started with the launchfile rsm.launch which requires the following arguments:

  • update_frequency: The update rate in Hz of the RSM (default: 20)

  • robot_frame: The robot base frame (default: "base_footprint")

  • mapping_plugin: The plugin used for mapping (default: "rsm::MappingDummyState")

  • calculate_goal_plugin: The plugin used to calculate the next goal for exploration (default: "rsm::CalculateGoalState")

  • navigation_plugin: The plugin used for navigation (default: "rsm::NavigationState")

  • autonomy_cmd_vel_topic: The name of the command velocity topic for messages from exploration, waypoint following or simple goals (default: "/autonomy/cmd_vel")

  • teleoperation_cmd_vel_topic: The name of the command velocity topic for messages from teleoperation (default: "/teleoperation/cmd_vel")

  • cmd_vel_topic: The name of the command velocity topic that the motor controller interface subscribes to (default: "/cmd_vel)

  • teleoperation_idle_timer: Time in seconds without input from teleoperation that leads to a transition to Idle State (default: 0.5)

  • waypoint_routines: List of all plugins to be used as routines for waypoints (default: [])

  • exploration_goal_tolerance: Distance in all directions in meters that the robot's current position can differ from an exploration goal to still count it as reached (default: 0.05)

Exemplary Launch

The nodes can of course be started separately though it is easier to use the launch file. An exemplary launch from the package rsm_additions can be seen below:

        <include file="$(find rsm_core)/launch/rsm.launch">
                <arg name="update_frequency" value="20" />
                <arg name="robot_frame" value="$(arg robot_frame)" />
                <arg name="autonomy_cmd_vel_topic"
                        value="$(arg autonomy_cmd_vel_topic)" />
                <arg name="teleoperation_cmd_vel_topic"
                        value="$(arg teleoperation_cmd_vel_topic)" />
                <arg name="cmd_vel_topic" value="$(arg cmd_vel_topic)" />
                <arg name="calculate_goal_plugin" value="$(arg goal_plugin)" />
                <arg name="navigation_plugin" value="$(arg navigation_plugin)" />
                <arg name="mapping_plugin" value="$(arg mapping_plugin)" />
                <arg name="waypoint_routines" value="$(arg waypoint_routines)" />
                <arg name="exploration_goal_tolerance" value="0.05" />

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