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Package Summary

The robotino_description package

  • Maintainer: Nadia Hammoudeh Garcia <nhg AT ipa.fhg DOT de>
  • Author: Nadia Hammoudeh Garcia <nhg AT ipa.fhg DOT de>
  • License: BSD


The robotino_description package contains xacro files and meshes required to create a urdf model of Robotino. This urdf file is used by the robot_state_publisher package to broadcast transforms and also by rviz for visualization.


Generating/Updating a urdf file

If the xacro files are modified, then the robotino.urdf would have to updated as well. This can be done by running the following command from the robotino_description/urdf directory.

rosrun xacro robotino.urdf.xacro > robotino.urdf

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