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List of Materials

Description: This page simply lists the available materials in Gazebo.

Keywords: gazebo, materials, materials

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE

Users are highly discouraged from using the documentation and tutorials for Gazebo on this page. Gazebo is now a stand alone project at gazebosim.org. See documentation there, thanks!

Gazebo Materials

This page contains a list of the materials available for Gazebo. This list may vary from what you have in your installation. You can check the currently available list of materials by doing

gedit 'rospack find gazebo'/gazebo/share/gazebo/Media/materials/scripts/Gazebo.material

(Update) Ros Noetic the materials can be found in: /usr/share/gazebo-11/media/materials/scripts/gazebo.material

Pre-defined materials:

material Gazebo/Grey

material Gazebo/DarkGrey

material Gazebo/White

material Gazebo/FlatBlack

material Gazebo/Black

material Gazebo/Red

material Gazebo/RedBright

material Gazebo/Green

material Gazebo/Blue

material Gazebo/SkyBlue

material Gazebo/Yellow

material Gazebo/ZincYellow

material Gazebo/DarkYellow

material Gazebo/Purple

material Gazebo/Turquoise

material Gazebo/Orange

material Gazebo/Indigo

material Gazebo/WhiteGlow

material Gazebo/RedGlow

material Gazebo/GreenGlow

material Gazebo/BlueGlow

material Gazebo/YellowGlow

material Gazebo/PurpleGlow

material Gazebo/TurquoiseGlow

material Gazebo/TurquoiseGlowOutline

material Gazebo/RedTransparentOverlay

material Gazebo/BlueTransparentOverlay

material Gazebo/GreenTransparentOverlay

material Gazebo/OrangeTransparentOverlay

material Gazebo/DarkOrangeTransparentOverlay

material Gazebo/RedTransparent

material Gazebo/GreenTransparent

material Gazebo/BlueTransparent

material Gazebo/DarkMagentaTransparent

material Gazebo/GreyTransparent

material Gazebo/BlackTransparent

material Gazebo/YellowTransparent

material Gazebo/LightOn

material Gazebo/LightOff

material Gazebo/LightBlueLaser

material Gazebo/BlueLaser

material Gazebo/OrangeTransparent

material Gazebo/JointAnchor

material Gazebo/CoM

material Gazebo/WoodFloor

material Gazebo/CeilingTiled

material Gazebo/PaintedWall

material Gazebo/PioneerBody

material Gazebo/Pioneer2Body

material Gazebo/Gold

material Gazebo/GreyGradientSky

material Gazebo/CloudySky

material Gazebo/WoodPallet

material Gazebo/Wood

material Gazebo/Bricks

material Gazebo/Road

material Gazebo/Residential

material Gazebo/Tertiary

material Gazebo/Pedestrian

material Gazebo/Footway

material Gazebo/Motorway

material Gazebo/Lanes_6

material Gazebo/Trunk

material Gazebo/Lanes_4

material Gazebo/Primary

material Gazebo/Lanes_2

material Gazebo/Secondary

material Gazebo/Lane_1

material Gazebo/Steps

material drc/san_fauxcity_sign

material Gazebo/GaussianCameraNoise

material Gazebo/CameraDistortionMap

material Gazebo/WideLensMap

material Gazebo/CameraLensFlare

material Gazebo/PointCloud

material Gazebo/PointHandle

material Gazebo/BuildingFrame

material Gazebo/Runway

material Gazebo/Grass

material Gazebo/Editor

material Gazebo/EditorPlane

material Gazebo/DepthMap

material Gazebo/XYZPoints

material Gazebo/LaserScan1st

material Gazebo/LaserScan2nd

material PR2/White

material PR2/Black

material PR2/Grey0

material PR2/Grey1

material PR2/Grey2

material PR2/Grey3

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