Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the previous tutorials: TurtleBot Bringup.
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How to run

Description: Instructions how to run turtlebot android application

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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Run Android Application

If you complete previous application download tutorial, you can launch android application(ex. teleop) to use following instruction with Rocon Remcon. Other application can also launch with same process.

  1. Run rocon remocon
    • First, connect your android device to turtlebot network and launch rocon remocon application.

      enter rocon remocon

  2. Choose turtlebot
    • Rocon remocon checks connection with each registered master as soon as started. After finishing connections check with all master in list, select validated turtlebot in the list.

      choose turtlebot

  3. Choose rule
    • Choose "Android Pairing" on role list popup. If you can not see this role, hit android back button and retry to select turtlebot like step 2.

      choose role

  4. Choose Application and Download
    • Choose application in list of launchable application. If selected one has been installed, it is immediately launched, otherwise, Rocon Remcon links to Play store for download.

      link to play store

  5. Auto-launch app
    • Enjoy turtlebot application!

      teleop main

What Next?

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