Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the previous tutorials: TurtleBot Bringup.
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Download from Play Store

Description: Download android app from Play Store to run turtlebot rapps on your turtlebot

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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  • Download Rocon Remocon from Play Store to downlaod and launch easily turtlebot android application in your android device. You can also download turtlebot android applications in advance launching Rocon Remocon. However, You do not need to install turtlebot application to launch it this time. It is because rocon remocon can link to play store if applications launched by user are not installed.

  • Listener

  • Teleop

  • Map Navigation

  • Make a Map

  • Turtlebot Follower

  • Turtlebot Panorama

Run Remocon

Follow up a below process for connection with turtlebot and your android device.

  1. Connect network
    • Android device must connected network that turtlebot already connected.
  2. Add turtlebot in Remocon
    • Hit "Add a Master" and write the turtlebot ip include port in "Enter master URL" text box on popup dialog.

      add master

  3. Check connection with turtlebot
    • If the connection with turtlebot is success, you can see turtlebot icon and name as following figure.On the other hands a warning icon and Unknown name is displayed in case of android device do not connected with turtlebot.

      connection result

What Next?

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