A component of the world canvas framework, a ROS stack for storing and accessing semantic information about the world, with an initial emphasis on needs and use cases for mobile robots.

World canvas server is a storage manager for semantic maps. Initial version replicates map_store behavior for semantic maps.


world canvas server

world canvas server apis


get_annotations (world_canvas_msgs/GetAnnotations)
  • queries annotations from database
get_annotations_data (world_canvas_msgs/GetAnnotationsData)
  • queries annotations from database
pub_annotations_data (world_canvas_msgs/PubAnnotationsData)
  • publishes annotations data
delete_annotations (world_canvas_msgs/DeleteAnnotations)
  • removes annotations from database
save_annotations_data (world_canvas_msgs/SaveAnnotationsData)
  • saves annotations data into database
list_worlds (world_canvas_msgs/ListWorlds)
  • queries list of available worlds from database
set_keyword (world_canvas_msgs/SetKeyword)
  • configure keyword for given annotation id
set_relationship (world_canvas_msgs/SetRelationship)
  • configure relationship for given annotation id
reset_database (world_canvas_msgs/ResetDatabase)
  • clear all information in database
yaml_import (world_canvas_msgs/YAMLImport)
  • import data from yaml file into database
yaml_export (world_canvas_msgs/YAMLExport)
  • export data in database as yaml file
list_maps (world_canvas_msgs/ListMaps)
  • (LEGACY API from map store)
publish_map (world_canvas_msgs/PublishMap)
  • (LEGACY API from map store)
delete_map (world_canvas_msgs/DeleteMap)
  • (LEGACY API from map store)
rename_map (world_canvas_msgs/rename_map)
  • (LEGACY API from map store)
save_map (world_canvas_msgs/SaveMap)
  • (LEGACY API from map store)
dynamic_map (world_canvas_msgs/GetMap)
  • (LEGACY API from map store)


~start_map_manager (, default: False)
  • enable Legacy api from map store
~last_map_id ()
  • param for map manager
~last_map_id ()
  • param for map manager
~auto_save_map (, default: False)
  • param for map manager

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