1. API Details

The AlicaEngine is an execution layer for cooperative execution of Alica plans, which can be designed using the Planmodeller. It is written C# and runs under mono. It comes as library, meant to be integrated into an executable with additional features, such as a representation of the environment.

For installation and setup, best follow the example provided in the package alica_turtle.

API Details

  • The main namespace is Alica

  • Typical interactions take place through the singleton class AlicaEngine.

  • Action programs, called Behaviours inherit from BasicBehaviour

  • Domain specific components such as conditions and behaviours interact with specific parts of the internal state, encapsulated by a RunningPlan

  • The AutoDiff namespace provides primitives to formulate complex non-linear constraints, by writing to a ConstraintDescriptor from within a generated GetConstraint method. This version of AutoDiff is an adaptation of Alex Shtof's AutoDiff.

  • The currently preferred solver for these constraints is CGSolver, however, direct interaction with the solver is never necessary. Instead, components query the engine using a ConstraintQuery.

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