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Connected Robotics Platform

The Connected Robotics Platform (CROP) is a toolbox for developing and deploying distributed robotics applications under real world (in particular, unstructured) network environments. It enables distributed robotics applications to be fully orchestrated by connected intelligence and the 5G/6G network slicing. Compared to native ROS1, ROS2/DDS solutions, the advantages of the connected are listed in table below:


CROP maximises the impact of the connected intelligence and the network slicing towards cloud robotics by extending 5G/6G open environment and standard APIs of testbeds into robotic vertical sectors seamlessly. It is implemented via innovative network applications and reference cloud native robotic design to QoE of distributed robotics for scalability, availability and feature velocity required by real-world deployments.

The toolbox is divided into three parts. 1) Network Applications for Connected Robotics provide distributed versions of standard ROS applications such as SLAM, frontier explorer and obstacle avoidance. 2) The Middleware for Connected Robotics for quality awareness network traffic and the realisation of distributed robotics in real world settings. 3) The Deployment for Connected Robotics enables the DevOp of robotics to be automated on infrastructure.

An example of a CROP application is listed in the picture below. Robot will utilise EMBB and URLLC slices under AWS and K8S infrastructure to maximise the performance. Thanks to the PaaS structure, the ROS layer and the underlying infrastructure are orchestrated autonomously. Robot developers will preserve their existing development environment, at the same time take full advantage of optimised topology, network traffic and the security.

Network Traffic and Security.png

Network Applications for Connected Robotics

Reference Network Application for Connected Robotics

Networked SLAM

Networked Teleoperation

Networked frontier explorer

Obstacle avoidance

The Middleware for Connected Robotics

Cloud Bridge for Connected Robotics

Task and Resource Planner for Connected Robotics

Orchestrator for Connected Robotics

Gateway for Connected Robotics

Backend for Connected Robotics

ROS twin for Connected Robotics

ROS Slicing Interface

Semantic Signal Quality Map

The Deployment for Connected Robotics

Infrastructure as code deployment base

Robot onboarding

Network Application onboarding

Cloud Edge onboarding

AWS deployment with Terraform

Micro K8s deployment

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