Package Summary

Package Name: Connected Robotics Platform Version: 1.1.0

Maintainer: Adrian Lendínez Ibañez. Contact:

Description: CROP enables seamless interaction among robots and Cloud/Edge devices. With the new capability, distributed robots’ development with Robot Operating System (ROS) is significantly simplified. CROP is highly efficient, secure, fully open source and vendor independent. The topology of the infrastructure is completely transparent to robots under the CROP. Therefore, there is little difference to robot developers that the device is running remotely via the internet on cloud or locally in local area network (LAN).


  • Integrated container network interface (CNI) and WebSocket API for large scale ROS deployment

  • Software-defined virtual networks which extend existing ROS/ROS2 applications over internet seamlessly
  • Automated roaming, edge switchover and slice switchover through orchestrated resources
  • Full support to both stateless and stateful ROS/ROS2 applications

Documentation: [Link of The Description]

GitHub Repository: The source code and tutorials for the Connected Robotics Platform package can be found on GitHub at [].

Usage Scenarios

Crop Usage Scenarios.png


Tutorials and demonstration of the Crops can be found from []. A public demonstration of CROP can be found in ICRA2024 [].

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Deployment Advantages

The Connected Robotics Platform (CROP) is a toolbox for developing and deploying distributed robotics applications under real world (in particular, unstructured) network environments. It enables distributed robotics applications to be fully orchestrated by connected intelligence and the 5G/6G network slicing. Compared to native ROS1, ROS2/DDS solutions, the advantages of the connected are listed in table below: ROS-Connected.png

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