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Select Your Platform

Officially Supported


Platforms for which there is only partial support and / or community contributed installation guides.

Note: these guides may be incomplete, not up-to-date with the latest ROS releases or potentially only install a subset of the available packages.

Third-party Installation Alternatives

Alternative installation options.

  • Nootrix built VM

    Nootrix built VM

    This is a virtual machine with Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS and ROS Indigo Igloo pre-installed. It is packaged in an .ova file that you can run on VirtualBox or other virtualization engines.


    source-based package manager for *NIX and BSD

    Two-line (or even a single line) installation


    This is simple script file to install the ROS indigo on desktop PC (ubuntu 13.10 and 14.04 LTS)

    OS X install script

    OS X install script

    A usable, scripted, up-to-date installation procedure for ROS on (a bare) OSX Yosemite or El Capitan.

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