1. How to install ROS Hydro on Intel Galileo

    This tutorial covers the installation of ROS Hydro on the Intel Galileo development board.

  2. Intel Galileo initial Yocto image install

    How to download, build and install the Intel Galileo Linux image.

  3. Installing ROS on Galileo: The Debian way

    How to install ROS on the Intel Galileo: The Debian way

  4. Adding ROS to the Yocto Linux image

    How to add ROS to the Intel Galileo board Linux image.

  5. Programming GPIO pins on Intel Galileo

    No Description

  6. Yocto: Setup on the Galileo Board

    Set up on the Galileo Board

  7. Adding Packages from the host

    Build a package file on the host, then install it on the Galileo.

  8. Adding your own ROS code.

    Creating, and compiling ROS code on the host, and adding it to the Yocto image.

  9. Creating your own layer

    Create a new layer and add files to the Yocto image.

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