MD80 x CANdle

MD80 x CANdle is a system of brushless actuator controllers (MD80) and translator devices (CANdle) used for interfacing with them. MD80-based actuators can be used in advanced robotic projects like quadrupedal robots, robotic manipulators, exoskeletons, gimbals, and many more.


MD80 is a highly integrated brushless motor controller. It can be interfaced with a great variety of motors to turn them into advanced servo actuators. MD80 can work with both direct drive (no gearbox) and geared motors.



CANdle (CAN + dongle) is a translator device between the host controller and the MD80 drivers. It is possible to interface CANdle with a regular PC over USB bus or CANdle HAT with SBCs (such as Raspberry PI) over USB, SPI or UART bus


Getting Started


For more details please refer to the MD80 x CANdle manual


Already configured actuators as well as standalone MD80 and CANdle can be purchased in our store



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