Paper Title: Tactile Object Class and Internal State Recognition for Mobile Manipulation

  • Authors: Sachin Chitta, Matthew Piccoli and Jurgen Sturm
  • Forum: ICRA 2010


@inproceedings {ChittaTactile2010,
        title = {Tactile Object Class and Internal State Recognition for Mobile Manipulation},
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        author = {Sachin Chitta and Matthew Piccoli and Juergen Sturm}

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Photos and Video Results


  • Hybrid velocity force controller
  • Recognition results




This software is based on the pr2_gripper_controller package. The package is currently deprecated but will soon be replaced with a new controller with similar functionality. If you would like to use this controller, you can still get access to it by checking out an older version of the repository (Revision 22817). This controller does not work in simulation and will require a PR2.

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