1.7.11 (2012-02-06)

  • rosemacs is now distributed separately. See rosemacs page for details.

  • Bug fix for import Python messages by name, caused regressions in rostopic <<Ticket(ros 3840)>>

1.7.8 (2012-02-02)

  • Removed roscreate-stack, because it doesn't work any more. For now, manage dependencies manually during release (noted in the Migration guide).

  • Added PATH-scrubbing to generated setup.sh files to avoid accidentally using old binaries when switching between distros <<Ticket(ros 3832)>>.

1.7.5 (2012-01-19)

  • Major: Removing roscreate-stack tool. This tool does not (and cannot) work properly with catkin-based stacks.

  • added support for catkin tag to roslib manifest parser

  • added catkin tag to mk manifest

  • rosmake: when using -a, filter out catkin packages from initial build list to speed up build.

1.7.4 (2012-01-19)

  • Fixed ROS_PACKAGE_PATH in env hook (no longer appends)
  • Added depend on pkg-config
  • move add_gtest, add_pyunit, and add_nosetests to rosunit-extras.cmake
  • stack.xml and setup.py now get version numbers from stack.yaml
  • don't use rules.em

1.7.3 (2012-01-18)

  • nose definition in rosdep.yaml

1.7.2, 1.7.1 (2012-01-18)

  • Integration testing releases and bug fixes
  • Added Depends on gtest, bzip2, python, and boost
  • Added ROS_ETC_DIR and ROS_DISTRO support

  • roslib.packages.find_resource() support for catkin build layout

  • roslib library cleanup:

    • Removed roslib.substitution_args (now in roslaunch)

    • Removed genpy_electric transitional file

    • Removed roslib.params

  • Added <catkin/> tags to manifests and removed <depend> tags

  • rosmake

    • Removed whitelist functionality
    • Treat <catkin/> tag as NO_BUILD

  • Removed vestigial rules.em
  • Numerous bug fixes

1.7.0 (2012-01-18)

Removed many methods in this release from internal APIs. For any routine that we removed, survey was done to see if the method was used; if not, it was removed, otherwise it was deprecated.

  • Fedora/Redhat support from felix_k <<Ticket(ros 3616)>>

  • mk

    • make the eclipse-project target robust to CMake failures <<Ticket(ros 3738)>>

  • rosbuild

    • allow multiple tests of the same launch file <<Ticket(ros 3674)>>

    • deprecate and render non-functional the *_future() test macros <<Ticket(ros 3622)>>

  • rosunit: fix and unittests from kruset to handle multiple testsuite accumulation properly <<Ticket(ros 3684)>>

  • roslib:

    • rostime: Moved to genpy. Move is necessary to prevent bad type conflicts when exercised through rospy APIs. Preferred use is rospy.Time and rospy.Duration.

    • rosenv:

      • Deprecating
      • Removed on_ros_path()

      • Removed resolve_path()

      • Removed resolve_paths()

    • packages

      • Removed get_package_path()

      • Removed list_pkgs()

    • stacks

      • Removed packages_of()

    • scriptutil:

      • moved internal is_publisher/is_subscriber to rostest
      • Removed ask_and_call()

      • deprecated get_master()

      • deprecated get_param_server()

      • deprecated ask_and_call()

    • rosenv: adding deprecation warning to help rospkg migration

    • Removed roslib.message.ServiceDefinition marker class (survey of released stacks shows only internal use)

  • roscreate: porting to rospkg

  • rosmake:

    • no longer supports --rosdep options or functionality.

    • ported most APIs to rospkg
    • improved usage message <<Ticket(ros 3725)>>

  • rosdep: partial port to rospkg to enable removal of roslib APIs

  • rospack: made include guard rospack-specific to avoid trouble with other applications that use tinyxml, <<Ticket(ros 3692)>>

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