The ROS Master and Slave APIs manage information about the availability of topics and services for ROS, as well as the negotiation of connection transport. They are implemented using XML-RPC and come in a variety of language implementations.

API Listings

Return value format

Return values are lists in the format: [statusCode, statusMessage, value]

  • statusCode (int): An integer indicating the completion condition of the method. Current values:
    • -1: ERROR: Error on the part of the caller, e.g. an invalid parameter. In general, this means that the master/slave did not attempt to execute the action.
    • 0: FAILURE: Method failed to complete correctly. In general, this means that the master/slave attempted the action and failed, and there may have been side-effects as a result.
    • 1: SUCCESS: Method completed successfully.
    • Individual methods may assign additional meaning/semantics to statusCode.
  • statusMessage (str): a human-readable string describing the return status
  • value (anytype): return value is further defined by individual API calls.

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