As ROS Packages and Stacks move through the QAProcess, we track their status using the <review> tag in the relevant package manifest.xml and stack stack.xml.

We use these fields as follows:


  • One of the following, which corresponds to the various steps of the review process:
    • experimental

      • Package/stack is research code or otherwise unstable and not intended for use in the main system. If this code is considered to be viable, it should go through a proposal and API review process.

      Proposal cleared

      • Need for component has been reviewed and passed

      API conditionally cleared

      • API is cleared, pending some requested changes

      API cleared

      • API passed review

      Doc reviewed

      • Documentation (and API) have passed review

      3rdparty doc reviewed

      • Documentation has passed review according to thirdparty component requirements


      • Package/Stack is for testing purposes only


      • Package/Stack is not subject to review requirements

    Additionally, if a package has been code reviewed, that may be indicated by appending ", code reviewed" to any of the statuses above, e.g. "Doc reviewed, code reviewed"


  • Notes must include a date of the most recent review and may include other relevant information, such as reviewers

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